Communication & Education

We communicate regularly with tenants through twice-yearly tenant meetings, memos and emails regarding matters of concern, as well as personal visits when needed. With the assistance of Seniors NL, education sessions are offered to tenants on a variety of issues such as: fire safety, fraud prevention, tax clinics, flu vaccination clinics and so forth.

Tenant Activities

Tenants can also enjoy activities offered at Saint Luke’s, such as the Annual Garden Party, the cottage lawn party, and various special events like St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas parties. Tenants can also avail of daily afternoon tea, weekly shopping trips or other outings on the Saint Luke’s bus, as well as some of the other activities at the long-term care facility such as chapel services, pastoral care, and occasional events such as sing-alongs. There are also tenants’ own social activities such as bingo, cards, book clubs and knitting, to name a few.

No Smoking Policy

The Saint Luke’s community is 100% smoke free, including all apartments, townhouses, cottages and the grounds.

Garbage & Recycling

There are garbage facilities at each site, with regular collection. Tenants can also avail of the recycling program for paper products and containers.

Video Surveillance System

The video surveillance system at Bishop Meaden Manor covers over 95% of the property exterior. The Babb Manor and Saint Luke’s long-term care facility also have video surveillance systems, which also cover parts of the cottage property. It should be noted, however, that the video is not directly monitored in real time.

Property Maintenance

Our tenants take pride in their property and keep their apartments and grounds around their area well looked after. However, general maintenance is also provided by Saint Luke’s Community Living. For example, snow clearing is provided to tenants of Saint Luke’s community and includes roadways, sidewalks, and building entrances and exits. Grass-cutting and grounds maintenance are performed during the summer. Building and routine apartment/cottage maintenance is also provided.

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