Saint Luke’s Cottages

Saint Luke’s Cottages

Within the Saint Luke’s community, there are 54 cottages:  six two-bedroom; and 48 one-bedroom.  The one-bedroom cottages are comparable to tiny homes (approximately 450 sq. ft.), each containing a living/dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The two-bedroom (clergy) cottages are a little over 900 sq. ft. in area.

Cottage # 21, the Saint Luke’s Laundry & Friendship Centre, is the common laundromat/social centre where cottage tenants can read, watch TV, play cards or just chat while doing their laundry.

Cottage # 12 is the Mildred Boyce Hostel, a fully furnished, one-bedroom unit (accommodates up to four people) available for short term rentals by the families of Saint Luke’s residents and/or tenants who are visiting their loved ones. The Hostel may also be booked by individuals who are travelling to St. John’s for medical treatment from other parts of the Newfoundland and Labrador.

Rental Rates as of July 2024


Unit type Size
(Sq ft)
Rent – POU*
One-bedroom apartment 459 705
*     POU – Pay own utilities.