Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer Highlight

Saint Luke’s Homes Anglican Homes Incorporated would like to recognize

Barry Escott   2019 Volunteer of the Year

Barry and his family have a long history with Saint Luke’s and Barry has been a long-time volunteer at the Home.  His grandmother was a member of the first Saint Luke’s Auxiliary, and eventually moved into Saint Luke’s where she lived to be 100 years old.  While his grandmother was a resident here, Barry and his mother would visit often.  His mother’s goal was to have Barry be a part of the Saint Luke’s community.  While at that time he was too young to be eligible for a cottage, he eventually was able to move into the cottage where he now lives! Barry’s mother also ended up living here at Saint Luke’s and Barry came every day to visit with her, usually staying for the entire day.  The staff noticed this and thought it would be a good idea to give Barry something to do. This was how he started his volunteer career here at Saint Luke’s.

Every day for the last 14 years Barry has been here at the Home – from 7:00 in the morning until sometime in the evening.  No matter what the weather, he shows up! Over the years, Barry has helped residents by portering them to various activities, as well as to their meals in the dining room.  Barry can also be seen around the Home doing many other tasks that he has been asked to assist with.  Barry delivers our newspapers to the residents and to the Day program every day, as well as memos to the cottages when needed.  He assists with our Garden Party and pretty much anything else that we ask him to do – too many to truly list.

Barry is also known to be a comfort to residents and is very caring and compassionate to those that need his help. When asked what he likes the most about volunteering, Barry said that “moving the residents around the home” is his favorite thing to do.

Barry is like a fixture here at Saint Luke’s  He has donated thousands of hours, assisting with many tasks.  He shows up every day, and always seems happy to be here.  Barry is very proud of what he does and the help he provides to the Saint Luke’s community. We are so fortunate to have him as part of our volunteer team!

Congratulations to Barry Escott, Saint Luke’s 2019 Volunteer of the Year!


Ms. Margaret Thorne 2018 Volunteer of the Year

Ms. Margaret Thorne worked as a Nursing Assistant over a 48-year career, starting work right after finishing her nursing assistant course when she was just 16 years old. She worked in Buchan’s, Gander, and Halifax before moving back home to work with the American Hospital at Fort Pepperell (Pleasantville). When that facility closed, she worked in the emergency department at St Clare’s for 10 years, and then at the Hoyles/Escasoni long term care complex until, at the age of 65, she retired from the career that she loved.

 Margaret, who is now 92 years old, started volunteering at the age of 79, including the last 11 years here at Saint Luke’s. Margaret is a dedicated volunteer, walking here from her home, even in the winter (weather permitting)!  Margaret helps with weekly prayer services, helps residents with feeding, getting them drinks, cleaning their eye glasses, and other needs.  She even waters the plants! 

 Margaret also volunteers at the Agnes Pratt home once a month for their church service, and volunteers with the food bank at Corpus Christi.  For the last three years, at Christmas time, Margaret and her friend and fellow volunteer, Janice Baird, have shopped for residents that don’t have much and put together little gift bags on behalf of the St. Vincent De Paul Society.

 Margaret says that she finds volunteering rewarding and that it makes her feel really good.  The Saint Luke’s community is tremendously grateful to Margaret for the help and companionship she provides to our residents.

Congratulations to Margaret Thorne, Saint Luke’s 2018 Volunteer of the Year! 

Long-Standing Volunteer Effort

The Whitten Family

The family of the late Stephen Whitten has made a tremendous contribution to fundraising at Saint Luke’s over the past 23 years, through their Annual Card Party held each September.  Mr. Whitten, a long-time supporter and then a resident of Saint Luke’s, started this annual event in 1996 to raise funds for the Resident Council, and his family has continued the tradition since his death in 20… 

A total of almost $80,000 has been raised to date, through this worthwhile effort, to enhance the lives of residents at Saint Luke’s.  A stained-glass memorial to Mr. Whitten can be seen in the main dining room. 

The Saint Luke’s community is tremendously grateful to the Whitten family for their ongoing dedication.