Long Term Care

Long Term Care

The Best Care & Support

Residents of Saint Luke’s Long Term Care facility receive full medical and supportive care, allowing them to attain their own level of independence and enjoy quality of life.  Long term care facilities in Newfoundland and Labrador are publicly funded and offer care to people who need moderate to total assistance with daily functioning and daily on-site nursing care (three hours or more daily).

Care is based on individual needs. These needs might be related to an individual’s physical well-being (i.e. ability to walk, eat, bathe, etc.), as well as their cognitive health.  Saint Luke’s provides specialized care for those with dementia, including a secure living unit to prevent wandering. The type of care and services an individual needs will help determine which unit will best meet his/her needs. 

Admission to all long term care homes in the region is coordinated by Eastern Health’s office of placement services Admission to a particular home, such as Saint Luke’s, depends on availability and other factors such as immediate need in the community at large.  Once a person is a resident of a facility, transfers to another home of their choice may be possible. 

If a person’s care needs change, staff will discuss with them and their family the possibility of transferring to a more appropriate care setting.

Financial assistance may be available for individuals who are having difficulties meeting the monthly rates of care costs. The nurse or social worker assisting you with your application can provide information on rates and the application process.

Eastern Health monitors the region’s nursing homes to ensure compliance with the Long-Term Care Facilities in Newfoundland and Labrador, Operational Standards.

More information on access to long-term care can be found on Eastern Health’s website